Saturday, January 16, 2016

Union Station Sketchcrawl

The first place I sat didn't work, because the sun came out a few minutes later, and I found that I was staring straight into it.  So I shifted, and did a couple of guys in the parklet, smoking.
And, it turns out, waiting for the bus to Eugene.  Because they got up and left when that bus was announced.  I'd gotten one figure in but hadn't started on the second.  So I simply stitched in another man from a different section of the park.

Next I tried one of the palm trees.  But it was so bad that I deleted it.  Then a couple of women, chatting.  And just then their hotel bus arrived and they left with it.

That lady, staring pensively into space?  OK.  But first, let's snap a picture.  And when she got up and left I slid the picture into the corner of my screen and used it as a reference photo.

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