Friday, July 13, 2018

Monster Drawing Rally IV

This is the yearly party at the art museum, where scores of artists sit down in the courtyard and create artworks that are sold to support the museum's youth programs.

I started out just sketching the crowd, which means doing whichever person happened to be in my line of sight.

I noticed that many of the women were wearing little black dresses.  In fact, at least three of them were wearing the exact same little black dress, with a halter top tied in the back and a flouncy skirt.

There was also a Darth Vader-ish person.

He was actually much more intricate than I was able to get down.  Cause he got up and left, going out into the crowd.
The first shift was ending just about then.  I walked past the tables of adult artists, and found, in the sculpture garden, a model posing for a bunch of kids.

Lan Su Garden

I ran down to the garden on a bicycle, to try out a qigong class, and got there early.  So I tried a quickie while waiting for it to start.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sketchcrawl in Ladd's Addition

Deb had organized an impromptu sketchcrawl for a visitor from Hamburg.  A few of us met in the coffee shop at the center of Ladd's Addition, and then scattered through the neighborhood.

I headed vaguely towards the south, where Deb had said there was an interesting church-like building with statues.  And found it.

I read the first part of the name as Greek characters.  But when I got home and asked google, it said that this was the "I AM" sanctuary.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Architectural Sketchcrawl

 We actually all, more or less, sketched the same three buildings, starting with the Telegram Building.  Me, I didn't want to tackle the whole thing, so I just went for the tower.  (I keep thinking 'steeple'.)

Next was First Presbyterian.  Again, I wasn't going to do the whole thing, but found a different perspective.  I sketched Vicky sketching it, with a portion of it reflected in the empty storefront behind her.  And man! but that building has a lot of angles in it.  Then I did just the very tip of its steeple, with wispy clouds behind it.

Next was First Baptist.  I started walking around it, and hit upon doing the back door, tucked away in a corner.  (I think I may have used this door on the way out of a concert once or twice.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jazz at Lan Su Garden

A party in the evening at which I had hoped to watch the full moon reflected in the koi pond.  But, not only was it cloudy, but even raining.  Luckily the Chinese Garden has plenty of shelter.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Stream-lined Cars at PAM

Mary was out of town, but left an assignment for creating a totem pole out of separate pieces of art in the museum.  Or maybe doing one of the classic cars in the new exhibit, and then making a totem pole of your past rides.  That'd be a short stack for me.  63 years, and only three cars.  And only five bikes, I think.

To go with the car exhibit, people were gathering a bunch of classic motorcycles next to the museum.  So I started out doing one of those.

Then I moved inside and checked my bag and wandered through the exhibit of streamlined cars.  They looked vastly different from today's models.  Not so much aerodynamic as luxurious.  I stopped at one that had grillwork in the back that reminded me of a face.

And then at a huge motorcycle.  One so huge that you couldn't even see the wheels.  At least I assume that there were wheels underneath it.

Monday, June 18, 2018


At New Relic, high up in Big Pink, which has great views looking down on the city.