Monday, January 11, 2016

Corel Mobile Painter

I installed this, just to try out their watercolor brushes.  And was sorely disappointed.  In short, the paint will bleed, but it won't blend.  You can do a flat wash, as big as you like, by snaking your finger across the screen.  But you can't do a graded wash, since every time you lift your finger, to change the hue or the opacity, when you make the next stroke the new color bleeds into the previous stroke, but rather than blending into it, it comes to a halt with a splotchy watermark.

I tried all of the brushes, but couldn't get it to work.  I even googled it, and found a video tutorial from Corel, where the guy simply splotched wash upon wash, ending up with a watermarked mess.  And then, to fix that, used the blend tool to even everything out.  So, what was the point of even using watercolors then?

An additional problem is that you can't turn off or restrict the bleed.  I tried putting each wash on a separate layer, but found that the paint bled between the layers.

For comparison, here's the same exercise, done with synthetic brushes in Autodesk Sketchbook.  The blending is much better. But, on the other hand, there's no bleed at all.

The Corel app seemed very similar to Infinite Painter.  So much so that I wondered if they shared the same code base.

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