Sunday, October 23, 2016

Portland Art Museum

This with a reconstituted Drink and Draw, back from the wilderness of Vantucky.  Helped by a new cheap yearly membership, aimed squarely at artists.

The new format of the meetup is to meet at a predetermined piece of artwork to discuss it for 10 minutes, and then separate to sketch whatever we pleased.  But the chosen sculpture was so intriguing that we decided to all focus on it, doing it from every possible angle.

I worked on mine for about an hour, until I feared that I was fussing with it too much and would ruin it.  Got up, creakily, and carried my chair back to its storage rack, then took a stroll into the 'modern' wing of the museum.  (With 'modern' including van Gogh.)  Tried a quick sketch of a bust, but was dissatisfied with it and threw it away.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pittock Mansion

Deb planted herself on the east lawn, to sit in the sun and do the mansion.  I found a bench in the sun a little ways off, and settled in to do the same view.  But with Deb stuck in front of it.

I had been comfortable in the sun, but after about an hour I got chilled.  And looking around, found that the shade of a nearby tree had crept around and enveloped me.  It was time to wrap it up, anyway.

Around noon Deb and I both left, leaving Rita halfway through a panorama of the view of the city.  I headed down into Hillside, but stopped for one more when I found that the mountains, even Rainier, were out.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Mozilla, for a Women In Tech arts and crafts party.  An alternative to the 'standing around making chit-chat' party that they normally do.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Good Sam

A sunny afternoon.  And an excuse for a walk to find some fall color, and to play with a new random(ish) color feature on my tablet.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Starting out with a sketchcrawl at the Olympic Sculpture Park. The Seattle urban sketchers had scheduled this session especially to join up with students from WSU. Only none of them showed up. And only a couple of urban sketchers.
The rain held off for the morning, but a vicious wind came up in its place.  Those of us sketching on paper had problems with it trying to blow away.  And even I had to find spots that were sheltered from the wind.  Like the patio behind pavillion.
 And then, the sound, from the ped bridge crossing the RR tracks.
Then in Seattle Center (where I'd ended up just so I could use a restroom),  I did a quicky for the few minutes that the monorail stopped in that station.
 From there I walked downtown, ending up at the central library.  I rode up the escalator to the reading room at the very top, straight into a clump of sketchers.
Art students, or maybe architecture students.  Maybe even the WSU students that didn't show at the sculpture park this morning.  But they were much more skilled than me. The best I could do inside the library was a tiny bit of the grid work, with normal rectangular buildings outside.