Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sketchcrawl on N Williams

We gathered at the New Seasons on N Williams for coffee and introductions.  Many of us stayed inside, to sketch other people or the scenes outside the windows.  Or pastries, bought especially for the purpose.  The rest of us, me included, wandered around the neighborhood and found perches out of the rain in which to sketch.

I flattened myself against a wall in the courtyard of One North, across the street, and  captured a jumble - one corner of the curvy building, the church across the street from that, and a new apartment building beyond that.  (There was an old house and a rundown trailer around the corner that I couldn't get into the composition.)

Then a quick sketch (I was starting to get cold) of the sign above the building's bike repair station.  Showing the same corner of the curvy building from a different angle.  

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