Sunday, October 23, 2016

Portland Art Museum

This with a reconstituted Drink and Draw, back from the wilderness of Vantucky.  Helped by a new cheap yearly membership, aimed squarely at artists.

The new format of the meetup is to meet at a predetermined piece of artwork to discuss it for 10 minutes, and then separate to sketch whatever we pleased.  But the chosen sculpture was so intriguing that we decided to all focus on it, doing it from every possible angle.

I worked on mine for about an hour, until I feared that I was fussing with it too much and would ruin it.  Got up, creakily, and carried my chair back to its storage rack, then took a stroll into the 'modern' wing of the museum.  (With 'modern' including van Gogh.)  Tried a quick sketch of a bust, but was dissatisfied with it and threw it away.

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