Monday, July 21, 2014

OSCON party

Cool in the morning. Turning pleasant by afternoon.

The theme of the party was The Elements.  The ballroom was divided into four parts, representing Air - with bungie-trampoline rigs that people could try out, a bubble machine, (not very comfortable) inflatable armchairs, and pop corn and cotton candy for all who could stomach them; Earth - with rock climbing, pet rocks to decorate, an earthquake simulator, and a potato bar; Water - a couple of dancers inside giant clear beach balls floating in a pool (I think that they were supposed to be ballerinas.  But they couldn't do much more than strike poses.), two seahorses on stilts, and sushi; and Fire - a couple of fire dancers, and phad thai.  Oh, yeah, and beer and wine and mixed drinks, Italian sodas, pop and water.  And, as I found just as I was leaving, ice cream bars.

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