Sunday, August 22, 1999


I had a choice of three museums to visit, and chose the Museu-Monestir de Mare de Déu de Pedralbes, because it was supposed to be peaceful, and I was still weak from the night before. It was peaceful, though I was a bit disappointed in the restorations, which seemed undecided about which century they were restoring to (and which never got close to the 14th century, when the monastery was founded.) But then, the monastery was in use until 1983, so multitudinous improvements had been made. (The nuns are still on the grounds, but have been moved to a more secluded part).

I walked down to Parc Reial, and sat down to rest.

Parc del Palu Reial di Pedralbes

This once was the Guell family's private estate, then became a royal residence, and now is a public park, with museums housed in the buildings.
Ran out of ink in my favorite pen.

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